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Grow Your Website Traffic with Our SEO Albury Services.

Northeast Digital Media can provide your business with SEO Albury Services that actually move the needle.

No False Claims, just good SEO Albury Practices that get Results in the Albury Wodonga area.

But the real question with Albury SEO is how exactly do you go about getting more traffic to your website?

Where do you start and which traffic is more likely to turn into leads for your business?

Arguably, the best long term strategy is to rank your website on the first page of Google for your best converting keywords. E.g Best Plumbers Wodonga.

When it comes to SEO, Google and other search engines take into account 200+ factors when ranking a website for a specific search term.

It would be crazy to try and address all 200 factors and we don’t try to because it’s not realistic.

Instead, we focus on what we have found to be the most important factors when it comes to ranking a website.

Once we start to develop a steady flow of targeted traffic, it’s important to turn those visitors into leads and customers.

We can help to turn your website into a direct response, lead generating powerhouse. Ask us how.

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Good SEO Starts with the 7 Fundamentals.

It’s incredibly important to have a thorough SEO strategy to keep you on track to maximize resources and to see a positive return on investment.

Because Google keeps on changing its algorithm you could spend hours upon hours on SEO, so its important to first get the fundamentals done perfectly before you filter your efforts elsewhere.

So if you’re somewhat clueless when it comes to SEO, we have outlined some of the key SEO fundamentals below as a quick crash course.

Why are we giving you the information you need to do SEO yourself? Well.. like most businesses you simply don’t have time to take care of your SEO yourself.

Mobile Friendly Website#1 Ensure Your Website is Mobile Optimized

We first start with getting inside the mind of your prospective customer to understand search trends and online habits to identify areas of opportunity. More on this later.

There are over 1.1 Billion mobile phone users worldwide that use Google daily on their smart phones and tablets. What does this mean for a non responsive website? LOW SEARCH VOLUME.

Google now penalizes websites that are not mobile responsive leaving you with a very low search volume.

If a web user lands on a website that’s not mobile friendly they will simply hit the back button and continue on with their search.

Why is that such a big deal? Well for one you could have lost a potential customer or sale and it has also increased your Bounce Rate.

Having a high bounce rate is never a good thing when trying to rank your website, so the key message here is to make sure your website is responsive, period.

#2 Perfect Your Site Navigation / Website Structure Improve Site Structure

Having clean site navigation and a well planned website structure ensures your visitors find the information they are searching for as fast as possible.

Why does this matter? Because it creates a good search experience for your website visitor and Google will reward you accordingly by improving your rankings.

With a good website structure and user experience it also allows google AI bots to crawl your website with ease, which is a big tick in googles eyes.

Content Marketing

#3 Useful & Informative Content

You would have heard the term around the traps that ‘Content is King’?

Well that still applies in 2019 and good content can dramatically increase your rankings.

It’s important that every page on your website provides the visitor all the information they are searching for in a well laid out, mobile responsive manner.

When this is done correctly, Google will reward you accordingly.

How Does Google Know When to Reward You for Good Content?

Let’s say you search for ‘Bakeries’ in Google and you happen to click the fist result which takes you to a bakery supply website, what do you do?

You hit the back button and keep searching, that action you just took sends a negative signal to Google to say that the user did not find the answer to their search query on website X.

If a few of these signals are sent, it pushes the website down the ranks as Google believes there are other websites better suited to that specific search term.

A couple of key metrics that are key indicators of how your content is fairing with visitors is Bounce Rate, Avg Page Duration, CTR and Scroll Depth.

So when your CTR (click-through-rate) and average page visit duration are high, it will signal Google that the visitor has found the information they were seeking and push you up the ranks.

#4 Keep Your Content FreshKeep Your Albury SEO Content Fresh

Having good content is one thing but keeping your content fresh and up to date is just as important.

Not only does it promote social shares Google also looks favorably upon content that is kept up to date and relevant.

As a rule of thumb a new piece of content should be created at least every 1 to 2 weeks.

The content needs to be original, useful and relevant to your audience.

Northeast Digital Media can provide ongoing content as part of your SEO Albury Wodonga marketing services so you can focus on converting new leads.

#5 Maintain Your Social Media PresenceMaintain Social Media Presence

This doesn’t mean posting one status every week or so on Facebook.

To get the most out of social media, you need to be posting new content regularly, interacting and networking.

You’re essentially building trust and an ongoing community via several social channels.

They can be an extremely powerful tool for driving new clients and targeted traffic to your website.

The greater your social media presence the more credit you will hold with Google. Yes, it’s important.

#6 Generate Shareable Content Generate Good Shareable SEO Content

Yes we are mentioning content once again, but it really is important for a good ongoing SEO strategy.

Once your core content of the website is perfect, it’s important to generate ongoing shareable content.

For example, a Jeweler could would write a useful article on how to clean delicate earrings.

Then, once you share that content on social media others will inevitably share this content.

Not only is shareable content great for social media and brand recognition, it also helps to build additional back-links to your website.

Brand Mentions On Social Media

#7 Brand Mentions

When people search for your business name on google or mention it via social media that is classified as a Brand Mention.

This sends google a little signal to say hey, this brand is an authority within its field.

The more brand mentions, the more overall lift you will see in rankings for a range of your keywords.

This is becoming even more evident in 2019 and with Googles latest changes.

Why Your Business Needs Albury SEO

Organic search in most cases is the main source of targeted website traffic in 2019. Unless of course you are running a consistent advertising campaign with a large budget.

We are now living in a digital world and it’s important to keep ahead of the pack. According to Accenture statistics 94% of business to business buyers search online before making a purchase.

Businesses and Brands that fall behind in the SEO category will be left behind by their competition that will result in lost sales.

In the Business to consumer sector SEO is equally as important and competitive. By 2021 online purchases are expected to reach 4.5 trillion and will account for 17.5% of all retail sales.

If you’re not actively pushing your brand, services or products through effective SEO and online marketing you are setting yourself up for potential failure.

Our SEO Process

Our SEO Albury process has been continually refined by working with several businesses all around Victoria and NSW.

Our first area of focus is identifying the correct keywords to target that will generate the best return on investment. The keywords must be aligned with your business and congruent with your existing content.

We use enterprise level software to identify these keywords and their search volume along with the level of competition.

It’s not going to be cost effective to try and outrank the big players like Ford or Holden for example. So instead we find keywords that have a realistic competition level and a healthy search volume that are directly aligned with your business.

Once we have established our set of keywords through our initial research and consultation we start to develop an SEO Strategy.

The strategy we will thoroughly outline the efforts our team will take to build quality content, grow backlinks and improve on-page SEO.

Ongoing monitoring, tweaking and optimising is required to continually improve your rankings, it is a marathon not a sprint.

Don’t Fall For Guarantees!

There is a high chance you have received a phone call or seen an email of someone Guaranteeing to get you on the first page of google.

Even us, an SEO provider receive these phone calls, which is crazy. Do not engage there services nor should you trust their claims.

There is no way any SEO provider can provide a guarantee unless the promise comes from Google themselves.

BUT, if you put in good honest hard work and do all the right things by Google, you WILL move the needle and grow rankings and traffic. We’ve seen it happen regularly to our past clients.

The only way you can guarantee a position on the first page of google is by running a google adwords campaign (paid advertising).

This is only temporary mind you but at the same time can achieve instant traction should your budget permit.

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